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The Journey

Graduate Enrichment Program


With the support of the Southern Diocese, the Houston Coptic Graduate
Committee ("HCGC") is launching a new and exciting enrichment program.
This program is geared for graduates, young couples, and new-comers to
the church.

The program will involve biblical studies and address topics such as modern social pressures, psychological balance, and spiritual maturity and challenges.

The first kick off meeting was on June 4th was a success! With a guest pychologist from Dallas and Bishop Sourial from Austrialia, "The Journey" was off and running!

This enrichment program was developed by the graduate committe in Houston to address modern social pressures, pychological balance, and spiritual challenges. It is geared for young professionals, young couples, and newcomers to the church.

Come and see what all the talk is about.

Our next meeting...

The Houston Coptic Graduate Committee ("HCGC")