Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

New Release of Coptic Reader for Android

July 27, 2012

COLLEYVILLE, TX. July 27, 2012 -- The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States is pleased to announce the release of the first mobile application for the Android operating system (Android 2.2+). Coptic Reader includes all of the Diocese's liturgical publications and is specifically designed to harness the power of modern mobile computing technologies to deliver a seamless user experience.

Coptic Reader contains the Diocese's official translation of the Coptic Book of Hours (i.e., Agpeya), the newly released Psalmody, the three Divine Liturgies with integrated Service of the Deacons, the expanded readings for the entire liturgical year including the Synaxarion, and the Distribution Melodies book.These publications were integrated into this application to make it easy for the end user to access any prayer or hymn desired. Once you open the desired service, the application will automatically generate all of the appropriate hymns, doxologies, rites, instructions, and readings of the current day in the correct order. You may also select any feast or day of the year and the application will automatically update with the appropriate rites.

Coptic Reader supports English, Coptic, and Arabic languages. (Arabic is correctly supported on Western devices with Android 3.0+ only.) Coptic Reader is also fully customizable and allows you to show/hide different liturgical roles (i.e., Priest, Deacon, and Congregation), inaudible prayers, rubrics/comments, and languages. You may also choose optimized graphical themes and change the document's text size. The application also allows you to control which saint or archangel commemorations will be shown in doxologies, hymns, responses, and other prayers for your church's intercessors. Coptic Reader is currently available for download from Google Play Get it on Google Play

The Agpeya, Readings, and Raising of Incense are included for free while the Liturgies, Psalmody, and Distribution Melodies can be purchased for a small fee through the application.

Additional Diocese publications are currently being integrated into the application and will be released as they become available; all users will have unlimited free updates of purchased content as they become available.

An iOS version of the app is planned for iPhone and iPad.

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