Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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How can God create something imperfect, such as human beings, who have it in their nature to sin; or Lucifer, who because of pride fell from heaven? Also, does the Holy Bible say anything about why God would create humans if he knew that Adam would disobey his commandment and be exiled from Paradise while all his offspring would be subject to sin?

God is almighty and all-knowing. He is perfect and He is love. In our imperfections He pours out His love. Rather than debate theology, consider for a moment, your life, and the lives of those whom you love. Do parents not really know that the children which will be born of their union will be imperfect, will require many sacrifices, some joy and some tears, and many long nights? Will these children not rebel, the so-called "terrible-twos" to the teenage years, worry and expense, and often, no gratitude whatsoever? There is no guarantee as to what your child will become. They have a certain measure of freedom to live out their lives as they choose. Likewise, the angels have that free will, as well. However, because they are spirits and not under the same human frailty and temptations, when they erred, the punishment was swift and final. Yet, even they, God would have desired their salvation, but because of pride, they would not. Whereas, for us the weaker ones, God had pity upon us and showered us with His mercy, even becoming like one of us. One would rationally think that people would have stopped marrying and having children long ago. Yet, not only do they have several of them when they can, but those who cannot, will go through outrageous expenses in order to have that parental relationship with a child whom they can love unconditionally. It is not about being loved back unconditionally. That is not the goal of parents. It is in giving out that love that is so profound. Thus, this feature which is part of our human nature is a reflection of God. This is the best part of our humanity. Even people who do not have biological children, such as celibates, nuns, bishops, etc. exercise their parental love to the people whom they serve as their own children. God is love and He places no boundaries around His love. Take of it as you wish and bask in His love. Yet, He will not impose Himself on anyone. He loves the righteous and the sinner, like a parent who loves the obedient child and the defiant child the same, while yet realizing that their destinations may not be the same because of their misconducts and destructive choices. Nonetheless, "love will cover a multitude of sin" (Proverb 10:12; 1 Peter 4:8).
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