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What is Your Grace's opinion regarding the thought that the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ is without the human stain of sin?

In the Coptic Church, we view the Lord's Nativity as a virginal birth and spiritual birth. In the early centuries of our Church the Lord's Nativity was also celebrated with His Baptism, both celebrated on one day. For at the Nativity the Lord Jesus Christ took on what was ours (humanity) while at His Baptism the Church, hidden in the Lord, received what was His own (His relation to the Father). He became Son of Man and we became sons of God.

The correlation between the Lord's Virginal Birth according to the flesh and our spiritual birth is paralleled by the Incarnation, in the holy and unblemished womb of the virgin. For there in the womb the Lord took His body, which MYSTICALLY is the Church united with Him. There, the Church is created to be united with her Divine Bridegroom.

Many of the early church fathers have documented sayings regarding this:
St. Irenaeus: Chastely Christ opened the chaste womb, so that thence man might similarly be reborn.
Those who proclaimed Him Emmanuel, born of the virgin, proclaim also the union of the word of God to His Handiwork. The Word will become flesh, and the Son of God will become the Son of Man, the Pure one opening purely that pure womb, which generate men into God.
St. Ambrose: Christ opened the silent, spotless and fruitful womb of the Holy Church, for the birth of God's people.

St. Cyril of Alexandria: As Christ appropriated a body taken from a woman and was engendered by her according to the flesh, He recapitulated in Himself the generation of man.
If you are searching in the Holy Bible for an in-depth, scientifically accurate explanation of how the Holy Birth had occurred, you will not find it. It therefore remains a "mystery" to us all. There is no certain theory nor will there ever be. God intended for this to be a mystery.

In the Holy Bible, you will find a lot of scientific truths about nature, the galaxies, the innumerable stars, the spherical shape and suspension of the earth, fountains in the sea, watery paths, hydrologic cycle, just to mention a few. In addition, all living things are reproduced after their own kind; for example, the human bloodstream, etc... So, if God had desired for us to get to know the details of His mysterious birth; He certainly would have given it.
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