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Pre-K   The First Miracle by St. Peter Hannah’s Prayer God Calls Sleepy Samuel
 Grade 0   St. Peter’s First Miracle The Sheet Full of Animals Say Thank You
Grade 1   Esther Becames a Queen (I) The Courage of Queen Etsther (II) St. Abanoub
 Grade 2   Elijah and the Raven Elijah and the Widow God Accepts Elijah’s Sacrifice
 Grade 3   The Apostles Feast Jesus Heals a Centurion’s Servant Showing Respect for Priesthood-Korah and Dathan
 Grade 4   The Feast of the Apostles: John the Evangelist and the Thief The Priesthood Entertaining the Strangers: Anba Pachomius and His Faith
 Grade 5   Elisha and the Chariots of the Lord The Church During the Apostolic Era The Healing of Naaman
 Grade 6   The Revelation of John and the Heavenly Jerusalem St. Stephen Showing Hospitality to Strangers: Anba Bishoy
 Grade 7   Trips of St. Paul The Church After the Council of Nicene The Ecumenical Councils
 Grade 8        
 Grade 9        
 Grade 10        
 Grade 11        
 Grade 12