The Martyrdom of St. Mina, the Wonder Worker

November 24, 2014
Hathor 15, 1731


Mary Magdalene of Magdala: The First to See Our Resurrected Lord
By H.G Bishop Youssef

Widely considered the most amazing event of all Biblical history is the "Empty Tomb". The "Empty Tomb" manifests to the world the power of the Glorious Resurrection and the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ having been resurrected from death."And Jesus came and spoke to them [the eleven disciples] saying...'All authority has been given to Me in Heaven and on earth.'" (Matthew 28:18).This scene, momentous in time and never to be duplicated again, where a Resurrected Lord leaves His grave and grave clothes would be given all authority in Heaven and on earth. St. Athanasius called the Glorious Resurrection..."The living monument of Christianity."
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Resurrection Joy & Peace

Two major gifts our Lord meant to grant us by the Resurrection are joy and peace. But sadly, on this feast day and on many of the following holy fifty days, many of us are not at peace. We may have gone to church and celebrated while inside its doors, but we still have the concerns of the world hanging over our heads. The worries of the soul are not yet dissipated by the Resurrection joy. . Read More

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