Holy Great Fast

Feb 16 - Apr 3, 2015
Meshir 9 - Paremhotep 25, 1731


Baptism: Crowning Back into the Original Glory
By H.G Bishop Youssef

"Purify our bodies; wash us from our iniquities; make us worthy of the dwelling of Your Holy Spirit in our souls. Enlighten our minds that we may behold Your praiseworthiness. Purify our thoughts and mingle us with Your Glory..." (Fraction to the Son)On the tenth of Tobe, two weeks following the Nativity Feast, the Coptic Orthodox Church celebrates the glorious Feast of Epiphany; the occasion of the baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ in the waters of the Jordan River.Baptism is a one-time performance in a Christian's life that leads to a life-time dedication to a single purpose which is devotion to God the Father, Christ, the Savior, and the Holy Spirit the Comforter. It is a holy Mystery that no mind can fully fathom
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Confession: Is It Really Necessary?

Although confession is one of the seven Sacraments of the Coptic Orthodox Church (or any Orthodox Church for that matter), unfortunately, many people view it merely as an “optional” Sacrament, or one that should be practiced to purge only the most serious sins. . . Read More

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