Going to the Ends of the Earth to Evangelize

                                                            By Victor Beshir


It is great to evangelize, and to go to the ends of the earth to witness to God.  However, before you go there, please remember to do a few things:

+ Have you called this lonely person who has nobody to talk to him/her?  You are the only human that can give this person hope, love, and comfort.

It is a sad reality to know there are a growing number of lonely people in our world.

Thereíre so many people need someone to listen to them, or to smile to them, or to give them respect.

So many people are neglected and they long to someone to show interest and to raise their hope.

So many people around who hear only criticism from others and they are hungry to hear about something good in their lives, a word of recognition. Would you be that person?


+ Have you visited this sick person who has been in pain for sometime?

A sick person canít taste food because anything enters his/her mouth is bitter. 

A sick person canít sleep either, because pain is so strong to sleep. 

A sick person canít smile because of the misery he/she lives in. 

Remember the Lord says ďI was sick and you visited Me.Ē 

So, visiting the sick is visiting Jesus and taking the blessing of Jesus. 


+ Have you comforted a heavy-hearted person lately?  How many people need just a word of comfort or encouragement or a word of grace, but unfortunately, there is nobody to give, because everyone is so busy. 

How about opening your heart with love for those people to wipe out their tears, and to give them a new hope


+ Have you helped someone lately?  There are people who needs help around you and you can see them if you open your heart. 

There is an elderly person who canít take care of things around the house, would you give a hand?

There is a teenager who longs to find someone to give peace to his/her troubled soul, would you be that person?


+ Human beings are hungry-for-love creatures.

 Does anyone in your family is hungry for love? 

Have you tried to give a heartily hug and true love to each member in your family?

When was the last time you told the members of your family that you love them as a group and also as individuals?  How did you prove this love?

Have your group tried to show real love to someone.  Group has power. When the whole group show love for someone, their touch is deeply felt.


+ How about showing mercy for those been badly criticized or condemned by others. The Samaritan woman was one good example of this group.  See how Jesus walked for a long distance to talk to her.

Can you reach out to those who have left the church because of condemnations or criticism or behaviors of others?

Sometimes we have a great zeal to go to the end of the earth, but we fall short to witness to our own families, friends, and colleagues.

It is great to prepare yourself to go the end of the earth to evangelize by learning first how to give those in your town even simple services.

 ďAnd whoever gives one of these little ones only a cup of cold water in the name of a disciple, assuredly, I say to you, he shall by no means lose his reward.Ē (Matt 10:42).