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A spiritual Christian treasure that was founded in Egypt 2000 years ago, prophesized about in the Bible, blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ  in His visit to Egypt, and now transferred to thousands of locations around the globe.


The Coptic Orthodox Church was founded in 56 AD by St. Mark, the writer of the second Gospel of the New Testament.  He was one of the apostles who lived with Christ for over three years. He walked with Jesus, conversed with Him about theological issues, listened to His public sermons and His private teaching to His disciples, witnessed His miracles, and learned from Him how to worship and how to walk down the divine path that leads to a fulfilling spiritual life.


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St. Mark arrived in Alexandria, Egypt, approximately 23 years after the crucifixion of Jesus.  There, he met people who were eagerly waiting for a heavenly message.  They were longing to find a faith that encompasses the full truth, which satisfies their search for God, and answers the ever-lasting questions that man has asked about God, the universe, life, death, evil, and good.

St. Mark preached Christianity in its full truth of the One-Living God, whose Son was incarnated to reveal that He is the only truth, life, and path that man needs to know in order to have peace of mind, joy in heart, and a fulfilling life.  St. Mark then established the first Christian theological school in the world.  This profound school - historically known as the “The Theological School of Alexandria,” or the “Catechetical School of Alexandria” - while guarding the original Christian dogma, served as the founder of Christian theology. The teaching of this school reconciled faith with philosophy and science, and materialistic matters with sublimed spiritual ones.  It was also famous for the spirituality of its professors, and students alike.   Since it became a haven for truth and life, it attracted students from all over the world, who came to quench their thirst from its spirituality and full-truth teaching.  Many of these students became the leaders of the Christian World at that time.


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The legacy of the Coptic Orthodox Church is based upon keeping the original faith and beliefs as taught by Jesus Christ, received by the apostles, and delivered to the members of the Coptic Church by St. Mark the apostle, without alteration until this day.  The Coptic Church believes that the church should be obedient to what the Lord has established and must not be an initiator of altering beliefs. It must be a keeper  for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.” (Jude 1:3).


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Moreover, St. Mark trained people on how to worship and how to gain a fulfilling spiritual life.  This deep spirituality remains until the present time, as a uniquely amazing characteristic of the Coptic Church.  It dramatically changed peoples’ lives then, and it still continues to inflame peoples’ spiritual lives.

In the fourth century, this sparkling spirituality in Egypt lead to the start of ‘Monasticism,’ a life style that seeks celibacy and life dedication to God.  Tens of thousands of men and women followed the example of the Egyptian pioneer: St. Anthony the Great, the first Christian monk in the world.  The spiritual lives of his followers - monks, nuns, and hermits historically known as the Desert Fathers- attracted a great number of Christians from all over the world.  They came to visit or to live in the Egyptian desert, to learn from the Copts about the path to higher levels of spirituality. 

Some of them returned to their homeland and established monastic lives in their own countries, and this was the start of a great monastic movement that spread all over the world, especially in Europe. Others, like Cassian and Palladius, wrote books about what they had witnessed in the Egyptian monasteries. A visitor described the Coptic monasteries as, “heaven on earth,” and described hermits as, “heavenly human beings or earthly angels.”    

The Desert Fathers left behind a well-established spiritual path that leads to the highest level a person may reach. They kept for the church, until today, a peaceful, joyful, safe, and fulfilling Christian spirituality that has no other match, because its roots go back to its founder Jesus Christ, the only source of divine spirituality.  

So, the second aspects of the legacy of the Coptic Orthodox Church is its deep spirituality that lived gracefully by Christ himself and His disciples, delivered fully to the Coptic Church by St. Mark, kept faithfully by its members in all ages, and practiced heavily by its monks, nuns, and hermits.


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There will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the Lord at its border ” (Isaiah 19:19)

This is the only prophecy in the Bible about a future church with a Christian altar.  This future church, the Coptic Church, was blessed once again by the only visit that Jesus, Virgin Mary, and Joseph made to another country.  The Coptic Orthodox Church has captured the full light that shined over the world 2000 years ago by Jesus Christ, the incarnate God.  It lived faithfully to its enlightenment, and kept the torch of spirituality burning until this day.

So, the third aspect of the legacy of the Coptic Orthodox Church is based on a biblical prophecy that refers to the Coptic Church as an altar and a pillar to the Lord. Also, the Coptic Orthodox Church is a biblical church that considers the Bible as its first and foremost theological and spiritual source. 


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Among more than 20,000 Christian sects and denominations exist today, the Coptic Orthodox Church, along with very few other Orthodox Churches, can faithfully proclaim that it kept the original teachings of Christianity, from its inception until this day without changes.  However, in regards to spirituality, it stands out with its own unique spirituality that is strongly felt in its current liturgies, prayers, and worship. Its practical faith was once put to test in the tenth century.  Faced by either genocide or moving of a mountain near Cairo, Egypt, the Coptic Church fasted and prayed for three days, and was able afterwards to move the Mountain of Al-Mukattam.  Therefore, it is the church that has the faith to move the mountains.

So, the fourth aspect of the legacy of the Coptic Orthodox Church is its practical, strong faith that once moved the mountain, a faith that no other church can claim.

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Here, is a church that is as old as Christianity itself. Everything it believes in or it practices has been accurately delivered to it from one generation to the next.  It is the historical church that Jesus has left behind; it did not diminish over the centuries, nor did it change.

Its claim of keeping the original faith has its own evidence, the blood of millions of its own individuals who preferred to be slain than to deny Christ or even to accept a false teaching or a teaching that is different from what they have received from their ancestors.      

The fifth aspect of the legacy of the Coptic Orthodox Church is based on the fact that it paid a high price to keep the faith pure and without changes; the blood of millions of its martyrs.


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In conclusion, it is the church that still keeps the pure pearls of the Kingdom of God alive, without the impact of the worldly changes throughout the ages.

As a reminder, this is a church that is not only a few hundred years old or was established a few decades ago, as it is the case of the majority of other churches. It is not a church that proclaims that it is biblical, but it based its theology and Bible interpretation on the thinking of one person, the founder, who has no connection to the original church that was founded by our Lord Christ and His apostles.  But, the Coptic Orthodox Church was founded by one of the apostles, and a writer of the Gospels, St. Mark. So, all its theology and Bible interpretation came directly from the Lord Jesus Christ and His apostles.  


Dear friend, I invite you to visit a Coptic Orthodox Church to discover the hidden treasure of Christianity, to witness a heavenly worship that is as old as Christianity itself, and to touch a spirituality that would fill your entire life with complete inner peace and joy. 









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