Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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What is the best way to attract deacons to attending hymns classes? For the past year I have been trying to attract seven particular deacons to attend, but to no avail... I have taken the Lord Jesus with me to visit them; have called them on the telephone...They would come once or twice.

You need to pray a lot for those deacons that the Lord move their hearts to love and commit themselves to His service. Ask them the reason for not attending. Find out whether they have a good reason Is it boring or unsatisfying to them? Think of ways to make the classes more appealing and nurturing to their spirits. Make use of those who are interested and punctual to influence and encourage those who are sluggish and careless Give the dedicated ones the responsibility to recruit others by calling them on the phone reminding them of the time of the class. From time to time you can have an outing for those regular attendees. This might encourage others to join the classes. Remember also that learning hymns is not the gift for  every person.
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