Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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  • Who is behind accidents or diseases that bring about the cessation of the soul and departure of the spark of life?

  • Is man a toy in the hands of fate and circumstances?

  • Is it Divine Power that decides the time and place at which and from which a man leaves this world regardless of the cause and the consequences?

God has created man with a free will. That is why man is responsible for all the decisions that he makes. Diseases are a bi-product of sin. Accidents occur due to negligence and because we live in a world that has been corrupted by sin. God does not design an accident nor does he t decide that the person involved should die on such date. If one crosses the street without looking and gets hit by a car, it is his carelessness and not God that has decided the time of this person's death. If one gets hit by a drunk driver, although it is not his fault, yet it is not God's fault that a drunk man would drive and cause an accident to happen. The bottom line is that it is man's free will and choices that lead to these accidents. God knows exactly the time of everyone's death not because He sets it up but because of His foreknowledge, He knows that this would happen.
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