Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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What are the rituals at a pope's funeral? Why are no funerals conducted during the Holy Week?

In our Coptic Orthodox Church, the funeral rituals are the same for all people. The differences are mainly in the funeral readings. Those readings vary depending on whether the departed is male or female, adult or child, deacon or priest, bishop or monk. In case of a pope, a metropolitan or a bishop, the readings are the same. If the departed is a member of the clergy, the deacons carry the body in a procession around the altar and the church nave three times.

Yes during the Holy Week, our focus is only on our Lord Jesus Christ, His passion and journey to the Cross. Therefore we do not have funeral services during this week. The body of the departed person is placed in the church to attend the Pascha prayers.

The different funeral services readings are published in a book called 'The Coptic Offices for the Coptic Orthodox Church: Part IV Funeral Services'.
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