Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I am a 25 years old Copt. I came to the U.S around this time last year. I am engaged to a Greek Orthodox girl who was married before; but go divorced because of her ex-husband's adultery. Unfortunately to marry her, her parents demanded that I become a Greek orthodox. 

  1. Do you think that our marriage is a sin?

  2. If I changed and became Greek Orthodox, will I be able to take Holy Communion in the Coptic Church.

I am not going to discuss with you the credibility of this girl; or the fact that you have been in the States for less than a year and consequently have known this girl for a short period of time.

What I would want to comment on is her faith, and her steadfastness towards her church. I cannot call this being fanatic but being faithful to her own beliefs and Church. I hope you are as faithful to your own Coptic church.

Concerning her divorce, if she divorced because her husband has actually committed adultery, this divorce is accepted in the Coptic Church and you would be able to marry her in the Coptic Church; if she gets anointed with the Holy Myroun since we now accept the baptism of the Greek Orthodox Church. But unfortunately, you do not mind joining the Greek Church and you have already given in your right to marry in your Coptic Church and be the spiritual priest of the new family you are about to start.

Although there are talks about unification between the two Orthodox Church, this did not effect yet; and therefore if you marry in the Greek Orthodox Church you will not be able to partake of the Holy Eucharist in the Coptic Church.
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