Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I just turned 29 years old. I'm being pressured by my family to marry and that is one of the reasons I feel discouraged and impatient. None of my attempts to get to know someone in order to marry him succeeded.
I feel sad because I truly want to marry a Coptic man; but I'm starting to think they're not serious. Is it wrong to marry an American, or do you think the marriage would not be successful?

Itcould be quiet stressful with all the pressure around you from your family; but the main thing for you is not to yield to pressure that might force you to compromise on your values.It is equally difficult to be patient. However, know that your strength will come from your prayers.Your family wants you to have the security of a married life; so you have to assure them that you understand theirconcerns, and that you all have to pray for God's will to be fulfilled.

I am glad that you want to marry a Copt.If your past experiences did not yield any serious relationships, it does not mean thatall Coptic men are not serious.Those who marry outside the Coptic Church, are not only missing one of the mysteries of the Coptic Church, but are depriving themselves from partaking of the Holy Eucharist.

You might want to sit down with yourself and see whether you are putting high expectations of the one you want to marry.In future relationships, if you think thateverything would work out but it does not, ask yourself why?Don't make hasty decisions, and at the same timetry to overcome obstacles.
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