Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Should a woman marry a man just because he is highly recommended by his spiritual father; even if she does not have any feelings for him? In 'On Marriage and Family Life' by St. John Chrysostom, pg. 95: "Just as in the case of...the baby which is born immediately from the first sight recognizes its parents without being able to speak, so also the hearts of the bride and the bridegroom are entwined together at the first sight without anyone to introduce them." And he compares it to Christ and the Church and says it's not a human phenomenon and that this is one reason St. Paul says, "This is a great mystery." Is this true? So two people, who love God and seek His will and truth, may be able to recognize their partner from a simple encounter? Can you explain this? 

It is good to find a person who is spiritual and is highly recommended by your spiritual father; but this is not enough. Give yourself a chance to talk to him and get to know him for a couple of months and see if you start having some feelings towards him. If you do not feel that you are getting closer to him, that you share many things in common or that you are somehow attracted to him; then do not accept this offer because you might not love him after marriage.

Love at first sight in not true love. St. John Chrysostom is referring to actual bride and bridegroom not about two people that just met each other for the first time. The great mystery is the mystery of Matrimony not of courting or just meeting someone you like from first sight.
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