Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I have met someone who claims she has recently converted to Christianity, but does not know what baptism is.  She claims she has become Christian simply by believing in the Holy Word of God, which leads to the filling with the Holy Spirit. Do we call these people "Christian" if they are not baptized by "water and Spirit", could you please list the denominations who don't believe in Baptism.

The word Christian was originally given to anyone who believed that our Lord Jesus Christ is God Incarnate.

Most churches today accept Baptism, not as death and resurrection with our Lord, but as a sign of acceptance of faith. They consider it only an external sign for membership into the church. The United Methodist Church, for instance, proclaims baptism at any denomination to be acceptable to become a member in their Church. They believe Baptism as a proclamation of God's lordship upon our lives. The Baptist church considers Baptism a necessity but not as a true means for the remission of sins. There are now so many independent churches that do not belong to a main stream denomination. A few of them do not require baptism such as The Church of Christ; The Calvinist church; Mclean Bible church.
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