Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Does the Coptic Orthodox church consider contraception a grave sin the way the Catholic Church does? What is the Coptic Church's view on this matter?

The Coptic Church considers the issue of birth control to be governed by three important factors: faith, health and economy. Faith in God induces us to bless marriage and childbearing, trusting that God is able to provide means of livelihood for all. Health considerations orient this faith towards regard for the health of the mother and children. Economic considerations should induce the family to sit down first and calculate not only the expenses of food, drink and clothing, but also all the obligations involved in the process of bringing up the children.

The church cannot prohibit the use of contraceptives thus pushing people into limitless reproduction while failing to provide help for those unable to financially raise their children. If the church did so, she would involve the family in poverty, illness, and ignorance throwing the state in uncontrollable economic crises due to over-population.

Family planning can be done without contraceptives using some careful cycle calculations. Copts who correctly observe all the church fasts should not have great difficulty controlling birth. Also any contraceptive method that brings about  killing the fertilized ovum is considered a sin of murder and is prohibited.

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