Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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During Sunday school lesson, the topic on dating has generated a lot of surprisingly negative feedback from one of the girls in high school; revealing her attitude towards dating, and how opposing she is to the Church teachings regarding this subject. She could possibly be already hanging out with a boyfriend. Talking to the parents is futile because they would immediately defend their kids claiming that they know everything about them. As a servant, what else should I do apart from recommending "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" to read?

I know this is a critical situation; but, as a servant, it is your responsibility to try as much as you can to help this girl and get her to understand the importance of purity; and how we should keep ourselves holy as our Lord is holy.

Make a point to remember this girl in all your prayers, asking the Lord to help you and guide you in dealing with her. First you need to get closer to her, befriend her, gain her trust and make her feel that you are not against her personally. I know it will not be easy especially if you have already had some sort of a confrontation during Sunday school. Emphasize to her how at that age it is easy to have feelings for someone; but those feelings are only temporary. You may have already recommended "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" to the group to read; but I suggest you buy this book for her if she does not own it; and get her to read at least one or two chapters or summarize it to  her.

Since you feel her parents will take the defensive position; I do not think it a good idea to approach them. Telling them that 'you heard' that their daughter has a boyfriend with no proof will definitely put you in an awkward position and your message might end up being misunderstood.

I suggest you talk to her confessor father (if she has one) or to your church's priest and make him aware of the whole situation. Some parents prefer to hear from a priest concerning their kids rather than from a servant.
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