Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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What is the Church's view about the theory in the popular book Da Vinci Code which says that our Lord Jesus actually married Mary Magdalene, had a child and the Church tried to hide it.

Unfortunately, in the past two centuries, many false beliefs had been started mostly by people who had their own interpretation of the Holy Bible which did not agree with the teachings of the early Church. Brown's ideas about Mary Magdalene being married to Jesus was mentioned in a previous novel called "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", a best seller in the 1980's. Such novels are means the devil uses to confuse people; and unfortunately Christians who read such books before even reading the Holy Bible. It amazes me how many youths read this book while they never read the whole Holy Bible not even once. The result is that they believe the 'novel' and start questioning the 'TRUTH' of the Holy Bible. Definitely, our Lord never married Mary Magdalene or anyone else; and to insinuate such a thing is plain blasphemy even if it is written in  the form of a novel.
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