Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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How would a person know that he has been called to monastic life? Is it a feeling they have; or is it a direct calling from a member of the church clergy?

The call for monastic life is different than that of priesthood. While no one can go into priesthood except those who are called for it and invited to it by a bishop, monastic life is different. If you do have the real call for monastic life; it is usually an inner call to leave everything and dedicate your life to prayer and solitude. For this, you do not need to wait for an invitation from a church clergy. If you do think you are called for monastic life (not just a temporary urge for monasticism); you need to talk it over with your confessor father. Ask for his opinion; if you do really qualify for such a life. You have to examine yourself very carefully and honestly. Make a list of all the reasons you think monastic life is for you. Pray about it; and do not rush in making a decision unless you are absolutely sure.
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