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I am writing a paper on purity. I was wondering where I could find examples in the Holy Bible; and I would appreciate it if Your Grace can give me some ideas.

This is a worthwhile endeavor that you are undertaking. You will find some literature in the SUS-Diocese Literature section. You may also search through links and find translated books and articles written by H.H. Pope Shenouda III, H.G. Bishop Moussa, and others. For further examples of purity, read about the lives of the saints in the Synaxarium. Examples in the Holy Bible:
  • The Beatitudes -- the Holy Gospel according to St. Matthew (5-7)
  • I Timothy 4:12-16; 5:1-2
  • St. Mary & St. Joseph the Carpenter -- The Holy Gospels According to St. Luke (1-2) and St. Matthew (1)
  • Susanna Daniel 13 (Omitted Canonical Books)
  • Joseph, the Chaste Genesis 39
  • Daniel & The Three Youths Daniel
"For no one is pure and without blemish even though his life on earth be a single day" St. Basil, Divine Liturgy; the Litany for the Departed prayed during the Offering of Incense.
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