Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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We, the Copts, are believed to be ethnically Non-Black Africans; as we are not the sons of Kush. However, many claim the true Ancient Egyptians to be black. God said "Blessed are my people of Egypt"; so, are we the ones who are blessed or they the alleged black population of Egypt?

In reality, anthropologists and archaeologists have discovered consistent evidence that Ancient Egyptians were more physically and genetically associated with West Eurasians and less with sub-Saharan Africans. It can, however, be deciphered that more than one general Egyptian features existed. The Ancient Egyptians were probably as diverse in skin tones, hair structure, and physical features as the modern day Egyptians.  

"Blessed is Egypt My people" (Isaiah 20:25) is the greatest honor bestowed upon the Egyptians, who at last found grace with God. Our Lord fulfilled the promise of this prophecy when He, along with the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph, resided in Egypt during His infancy. What took place during that holy visit must have prepared the heart of the land to welcome Christianity. Through St. Mark's evangelism, until today, the Coptic people continue to endure religious persecutions. For two thousand years, Orthodoxy has flourished in Egypt and throughout the world. It is from this land that monasticism has taught the world how to pray and how to worship. It is through the writings and discourses of our holy fathers that doctrine and tradition have maintained our faith. It is through the exemplary lives of the saints and martyrs that we have true heroes who continue to stand the test of time. It is the heart and spirit of the people that has recognized Christ and loved Him to this day. It has nothing to do with anthropology or DNA.
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