Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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An unpleasant scenario took place between some friends and me causing much hurt and pain. I have apologized and asked for forgiveness. In turn, I have forgiven them. However, it seems that the others have not forgiven me and would not talk about it nor talk to me. I am finding that I am having episodes of anger against them because of their unwillingness to solve things. Does this mean that I have not truly forgiven them; and that I am fooling myself? Also, should I continue to try to get their forgiveness or do I let them have their space?

It is difficult to admit an error and take responsibility for it. You have already taken this veryimportant step.Whenwe pray the Lord's Prayer, we ask Him to "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us."We cannot ascertain the degree of forgiveness others grant us.Rather, focus onthe sins you wantGod to forgive you. If the mistake you made is repetitive, work on it so it does notbecome acharacter flaw. Ask Godto help you overcomeany residual bitterness you may have in your heart regarding this matter;in order that it does notinterfere withyour spiritual life. You can give your friends some space but still remain kind and friendly. Continuethis dialogue withyour spiritual father in confession.Your personal relationship with God isfar more important than any other relationship.
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