Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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What are the steps that a couple need to follow before they get married? What is more important than looking for the spiritual, financial, social, educational level of and age differences between the couple?

There is of course the Exchange of rings (Libs debal). It is a social event where an exchange of wedding bands takes place without the involvement of the church. It is a social declaration that these two people are interested in one another and for some reason they are not ready to have an official religious engagement right then. It could be that they barely know each other and therefore need more time to decide, or sometimes the bridegroom is waiting to be able to buy a wedding ring (or Shabka) for the bride before having the official engagement.

In the Church view, the official relationship starts with the engagement when the priest himself officiates the prayers and blesses this engagement.

If you have examined all the six criteria you mentioned and both of you feel ready. The next step is for you and your parents to pay a visit to her family and officially ask for her hand in marriage.

After that, my recommendation is to have an engagement and the church blessings.
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