Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I have been introduced to a social fraternity called "the Freemasons”. I have done a lot of research on the organization, and critics weigh out just as many pros as there are cons. I have learned that the organization is not Anti-Christian and is not its own religion. However, my research could be wrong, which is why I'm seeking your guidance. The reason I'm interested in the organization is because it opens doors to a large scale of networking that one doesn't have access to unless they were a part of the organization. Have you heard of Free-Masonry? Is it against our church to be a part of such organization? If so, why?

Historically, the Free-Masons have not expressed deliberate anti-Christianity rhetoric; but, on the other neither hand, nor have they proclaimed pro-Christianity ideology. The spectrum of this all-encompassed-religion-free fraternity is one that does not appeal to us, for we know for sure that Christ is God and the only way to His kingdom is through Him. Freemasonry has a strange fascination engulfed in some medieval occultism. With a twist of zeal and mysticism, they place themselves under an umbrella of a Masonic god, who is perceived to be a "universal deity" and an "architect of the universe," but yet, they do not really have a definition of who he is, and neither do they pursue to have a relationship with whomever they perceive him to be. If a member of the fraternity is Christian, then, so be it. The so-called all-inclusive mentality of the Freemasons would not impose a change, but rather, they take a stance of indifference. Likewise, if the member of the fraternity was of another denomination or faith, his perception and belief would be just as tolerated by the brotherhood. It is most important to note, as a general philosophy, Freemasons do not recognize the Holy Trinity, but only a god. Therefore, negating the triune nature of God signifies a major heresy blanketed in a picturesque quilt of good will and chivalry. Many Christian denominations, including the Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches, have warned against the Free-Mason's underlying shroud of deception. It is not a religion in itself, but presents itself as having the guild of unity, purpose, ethics, and belief in a supreme being, as that of a religious institute. I strongly advise you to put your time and energy into other genuine, respectable, non-evasive, and dignified organizations, which clearly state and enforce sound Christian theology and humanitarian efforts.
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