Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Concerning Original Sin, I have read two books from the church resources that seem contradictory. The first one is in the Soteriology course material. The church takes the stand in the inheritance of the fallen nature only, not the actual sin of Adam; while in the CREED, it states, ''we believe in one baptism for the “remission of sins.” Which sins are these? Even H.H. also comments in this the same in his book about the creed. Could you give me clarification?

The Holy Sacrament of Baptism is for the remission of sins which is the Original Sin with which everyone is born. We were in Adam when he sinned and in him we all have sinned. This is in addition to the corrupted image that moved away from the holy and pure image of God. We, humanity, the descendants of Adam are born with the original sin as well as his distorted image which became prone to sin. Thus, through the kindness and mercies of a benevolent God, He instituted the Holy Mystery of Baptism, the only treatment to cure that sin with which we are born. Once having died, buried, and risen with Christ through Holy Baptism, we put on the new man, a new creation. In reality, we put on Christ and the Holy Spirit is sealed in us where He dwells in us forever through the Holy Sacrament of Chrismation by the anointing of the Holy Myron Oil (Confirmation). This is the beginning of the path of Salvation. The rest of the Holy Sacraments renew and revitalize the sinner after further exposure to sin.
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