Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I’m going through a very hard time in my life, I feel extremely depressed, and I have been depressed for a while. I feel like I’m not interested in anything in life, even though my work is going extremely well, and everything else is also going well. I feel that I don’t have friends at church because there are no friends that are my age, so I always feel lonely and I don’t like to be friends with people outside the church because their behaviors will push me away from God. I really don’t know what to do; I have been going through this hard time for about 3 years now. Even when I go for vacations, I still feel that I’m lonely and by myself; I only have my parents with whom to talk. I personally like Coptic hymns and I love teaching them, but again, I feel that the kids that I teach do not have any interest in Alhan, and I only have 3 kids to teach. I thought about Immigrating to another country, but I really do not want to leave my parents; also, immigration is not an easy thing.

Immigration is really not the solution. What you need to do for yourself at this time is to build up your confidence. Since you like the church hymns and you had some students, continue with this service. I am sure that as the children mature, they will recall your love for Coptic hymns and be grateful that you took the time to teach them something so special. Expecting instant gratification can be a let down. Service requires patience and prayer, and so does friendship, or any other relationship for that matter. It is alright to be somewhat of an introvert, but within your comfort zone, attempt to be friendly or even just cordial with others. If your church has servant meetings, attend and get to know others as much as it is comfortable for you to do so. They do not have to be your age. Our churches are like an extended family. You do not have to be the same age in order to get along and find things in common.

"A man who has friends must himself be friendly, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother" (Proverb 18:24).
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