Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I always read that the resurrection is the cornerstone in our belief of Christ’s divinity. But when I read H.H. Pope Shenouda's book (Divinity of Christ), he mentioned things that Christ did while He was in the flesh and nothing about Jesus’ resurrection. The same applies to the late Bishop Youannis’ book (Christian Dogma of Christ). If the resurrection is the main point, how come neither one mentions it. Was it not enough to say that Jesus was born, fulfilled the prophesies about Himself, performed some miracles, died for us, then ROSE from the dead?

There are numerous indications and proofs of Christ's divinity. His Holy Resurrection is the ultimate proof because without it, we would have only shared in His death. Through His Holy Resurrection, He gave us the gift of eternal life with Him and through Him. Thus, in the Holy Sacrament of Baptism, we die and rise with Christ. Therefore, His Holy Resurrection seals His promise of our resurrection in Him who is divine. In the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, He proved His humanity, from birth to death. Throughout His life, He endured hardships and performed miracles, thus, proving His humanity and His divinity. In His Holy Resurrection, having raised Himself, He proved His unquestionable divinity. In compiling the book "The Divinity of Christ," His Holiness provides many proofs including specific verses pertaining to Christ's Divinity with respect to the following:
  1. Him being the Logos (the Word)
  2. His relation with the Holy Spirit
  3. His relation with Heaven
  4. His relation with the Father
  5. Him being the Only Son
  6. Him being the Only Son of God
  7. Him being the Lord
  8. Him being the Redeemer and Savior
  9. The belief in Him
  10. His Divine qualities
  11. His authority over all Creation
  12. His miracles
Please re-read these chapters closer as they pertain to Christ's Holy Resurrection:
  • His Authority of Life and Death: The Twenty-Fifth Proof
  • His Authority over the Law: The Twenty-Sixth Proof
  • His Authority over Himself: The Twenty-Seventh Proof
Excerpt from the book: "The Divinity of Christ"
(14) We should not forget that the life of the Lord Jesus Christ was a unique miracle. He was born of a virgin (Is. 7:14), which is a unique occurrence in the history of the world; it had not happened before nor will it happen again. An unusual star appeared proclaiming His birth (Matt. 2:2-10), and He was worshipped by the Magi. In His childhood, He astounded the Jewish elders. The Lord Jesus Christ was a miracle in His baptism (Matt. 3), in His Transfiguration on the Mount of Tabor (Luke 9:2-8), in His rising from the dead and coming out of the tomb whilst the tomb was sealed and without anyone being aware of Him (Matt. 28), in His appearances to many persons after His Resurrection (Mark 16) and in His entry into the Apostles' room whilst the doors were shut (John 20:19). The Lord Jesus Christ was a miracle in His Ascension into heaven and in His sitting at the right hand of the Father (Mark 16:19). The whole life of the Lord Jesus Christ was a series of miracles, indicating His Divinity which was united with His Humanity throughout the period in which He appeared in the flesh, and also forever.
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