Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I was a reading a book by H.G Bishop Mettaous that had a chapter for the conditions of accepted prayer, but I don't remember the title of the book. The conditions were overwhelming and I felt that every prayer that I have ever prayed was unaccepted by Christ which brought my faith down. It was a very long list of conditions; I am a very sinful, weak, and undeserving servant, which made me feel like I will never meet all the criteria for accepted prayers. I pray that the Lord guide me on what to do in life that I may glorify His holy name, whether it be continuing with pharmacy or another major, whether it be marriage or monasticism, and that He grant my parents comfort and happiness with what whatever I do, and that they bless my life.

I believe the book to which you are referring is: "The Perfect Worship"
The process and struggles of walking on the narrow path lead to a stronger relationship with God. This is the goal of prayer. If one tries to take on too much at one time, s/he will become overwhelmed and discouraged. Through the guidance of your spiritual father, you must learn to pace yourself well. A child first learns to sit, then crawl, then stand, then walk, then run. It is a process. Each part of the process has certain struggles in which the child will learn to overcome. As a joyful parent looks on with great joy and appreciates the child's effort, as though it is the greatest accomplishment in the world, so too, our Lord Jesus Christ looks upon us with the greatest love, always appreciating even the smallest efforts to unite with Him.
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