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I'm trying to introduce the Coptic Orthodox Christianity to my manager. He’s questioning the existence of God; because he cannot subject it to scientific reasoning.

  1. Is there a certain Study Bible that you would recommend?

  2. What chapters of the Holy Bible are best to begin at (especially for non believers)?

  3. Are there any other books Your Grace would recommend?

I recommend "The Orthodox Study Bible" to anyone interested in reading the Holy Bible. It comprises the New Testament and Holy Book of Psalms; with an introduction to each book as well as an overview of the Orthodox Church and some of its teachings. It is the New King James Version.

I think it is better for him to start reading the four Holy Gospels and then the Letters of St. Paul.

To interest in Christianity someone who has grown up in the west; it is better to give them a factual introduction. some examples would be that:
  1. The Holy Bible is the Divine Revelation of God to man. It contains God's will to save His people and what we must do to be saved eternally.

  2. The Holy Bible with its Old and New Testament, is one complete Holy Book written by the people who believed in God at different times and in many different places. All the Holy Books refer to the One God. All are inspired by the Holy Spirit.

  3. The Holy Bible contains many different types of writings: poetry, prayers, hymns, history, biographies, prophecies, and letters.

  4. Originally the Holy Bible was not divided into chapters and verses. In the 13th century, the Archbishop Stephen Langton of Cantebury divided the Old Testament into chapters. Later, the Jewish Macerates divided it into verses. In 1551, Robert Stephens in Geneva divided the New Testament into chapters and verses.
"All Scripture is given by the inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness." (II Timothy 3:16)

Always begin teaching with the Holy Bible. Recommended Coptic Literature includes "The Story of the Copts" volume I and II written by Iris Habib el Masri and "2000 Years of Coptic Christianity" written by Otto F. A. Meinardus.

I encourage you to read these books yourself, in order to be able to discuss them and answer any questions.

If your friend agrees to read the suggested Coptic book, encourage him to attend the Divine Liturgy. Being able to feel what one is reading about may encourage further reading.

May God bless you in your efforts to lead another person to Him.
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