Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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If one has to pick between one of two directions, should one pray to God for guidance, but when there is no response back, would it be ok to pick one direction at random and start proceeding while expecting God to speak through the events regarding whether or not he approves or disapproves of that direction?

Decision-making requires: prayer, patience, trust, hope, and humility. You must first and foremost be willing to let go and let God intervene. You do not have to make critical decisions alone. Your confession father, guided by the Holy Spirit, should be the main one on whom you can lean. To make a decision at random regarding choosing a direction is not really the best approach. Trust that God will guide you throughout the process by giving you signals of peace, assurance, stability, strength to continue, and acceptance of the outcome. Contemplate on these words which we pray in every the Divine Liturgy and live by them: "Lead us throughout the way into Your kingdom ....."
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