Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I have a few questions:

  1. Is it too much for their age to fast at 7 and 9?

  2. Should I invent nice ways to cook so they will like the fasting food and will not mind fasting?

  3. Will they continue to fast when they grow up or will they hate it?

  4. Which way is better, to let the kids fast as we do with some good food and sweet stuff, or fast from what we like only even though it is fasting food (candy, junk food)?

1- Continue to instill in your children the importance for fasting.

2- It sounds like they like many fasting foods already. They seem to understand that they have some choices. It is fine to have different preferences for different foods, especially while they are still young and need nourishment.

3- Hopefully, your children will continue to observe fasts as they grow up. There is no reason to speculate that they will not.

4- It is better to have the children observe fasts normally as we do, but appropriately for their age. Just giving things up is merely an explanation and a visual, but lacks in capturing the meaning for older children. At this age, your children can understand more, especially the 9 year old.

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