Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I have an interview at a Canadian medical school. I wrote about all of the church activities in which I was involved in my resume, in case they might ask me: 'What will you do if a young woman asks you for an abortion?' In Canada, a doctor can refuse to perform an abortion but MUST refer the patient to another physician who would be willing to perform it. In this case, I think that referring the lady to another physician is the same as helping her perform the abortion. So should I not refer her? I feel if I state my belief that I would not refer her, I will lose the interview and in the real world, I would lose my medical license. What should a Christian do? Actually, I think it would be a blessing if I lost the interview or my job because of standing up for the right thing, but I am very apprehensive and worried about my future and my career.

It is better to be straight forward and honest. Many physicians probably feel the same way you do. I doubt that all the practicing physicians in Canada are pro-abortion or feel comfortable referring patients to abortion clinics. Perhaps, it would be wise to consult with some of these physicians and see how they are able to maintain their integrity while abiding by the governing medical rules and ethics. You do not have to compromise on issues that are incompatible with your faith. Sometimes, this will mean to decline certain advances in one's career. Sometimes, this could mean making a difference from within the system. Perhaps, you being there and kindly declining your services to a woman contemplating this terrible act will cause her to have a change of heart based on your principled Christian morals, values, and ethics. However, if you are not there and an unethical physician who does not care is in your place, perhaps, he/she will not only condone this act, but encourage her decision.

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