Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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My son used to always discuss religion and spiritual subjects. I do not know what has happened. He used to read a lot of books. In college, they often said, there is no GOD. It has taken about a year now, and step by step, he is starting to come back, but not as strong like before. Now, he is going through a very hard time and might be addicted to some kind of prescription medication.

I hope and pray that God will give your son the strength and wisdom to overcome these addictions and to help him fight the wars of doubt. He needs to be served by someone local who can keep a gentle and loving eye on him and offer him practical and spiritual advice that he can accept. The priest at the church where your son attends, or used to attend, should also be informed. Additionally, there is a priest, serving in his state, who holds a counseling degree and has a group of servants in the counseling profession who serve with him.

I recommend that your son becomes familiar with these spiritual individuals who are also professionals in the field of mental health and can help him psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually to overcome the many obstacles he now faces. May the Lord hear and answer your prayers as He heard and answered the prayers of St. Monica for her son, St. Augustine, and made him a great source of blessing and an exemplary model of true repentance.

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