Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Today, I did a major service in my church. Immediately after that, I had a car accident. Where was God who loves me, protects me, and keeps me from every evil? Don't tell me it could be worse because why did He allow it from the beginning? If he loves me so much and he is more powerful than Satan, then he could stop Satan.

From the fall of man—Genesis 3, suffering sprouted on the earth and upon its inhabitants. This state of humanity remains until the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. No one escapes this world without suffering. The first sounds made by the newborn infant are cries—while loved ones are pleased that child entered into the world safely. On the other hand, when dear ones repose, the surviving loved ones left behind mourn and suffer, while the loved ones in paradise welcome his/her soul.

Suffering is not a punishment from God. Suffering helps us to see God's glory. Suffering helps to build our faith. Suffering helps keep us humble. The Holy Book of Acts 12 reveals that Herod persecuted both St. James and St. Peter. St. Peter was freed from prison (Acts 12:5-11) and St. James was martyred (Acts 12:2). Does this mean that St. James was less loved or less significant than St. Peter? Of course not! Every soul is of great value to God. Each person is faced with challenges. Like the three youth cast in the fiery furnace, God was in their midst—so the flames could not hurt them (Daniel 3:18-30). The challenges we face in this world are like the furnace—but God is with us.
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