Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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My parents are constantly arguing. They always respond to each other with sarcasm, and neither seems to tolerate the other. My sister and I are away from home most of the year, but are still affected. We're also concerned about our brother, who is left alone to deal with the situation and he is middle school aged. I have heard regrets that I wish I never had. No child likes to hear the fights and regrets of his/her parents. .I am now home on Fall Break, and I feel terribly guilty to find myself bored, even at home! My mom told me not to come home if I was going to complain about being home. I wouldn't have to complain if they could learn to support each other. I am anxious and stressed out.

Let me try to assess the situation, your mom has been working more than usual which means she is out of home most of the time, your dad graciously assumed the household responsibilities which is great, not every husband and father do so when his wife gets busy. You said you commented to them about their relationship, was this comment in a form of complaint or was it an inquiry about what is bothering them? Try to be the peacemaker not the complainer. Try to sit with each individually and figure out what changes led to the situation at hand.

You need also to know in what way this is affecting your life and the life of your brother and sister. I can see that there is a lot of stress going on with overwork, adjusting, tension, children away…etc.

On the other hand I see that you are complaining of boredom at home, I don't know why. Trouble at home should not be a cause of boredom for you! If your mother is not at home most of the time, that could be a cause of your boredom. You can do a lot with your brother. In addition, you could help your father with the house responsibilities.

The best thing you could do is to pray to God to help you get over your boredom and anxiety and pray for your parents to have peace.

Take advantage of your fall break to get closer to your brother and parents. Suggest that you all do some activities together in the evenings It would be wonderful to read the Bible as a family and pray together to ease the tension. Also you may ask your priest to visit the family and help in easing the tension.
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