Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Did God die on the cross? I understand He is one nature out of two—divinity and humanity in one—while being fully human and fully divine. How can God die? Is it possible? Some of our Muslim brothers use this to confuse people of our faith, and some resort to believing in two natures and that the divinity parted from the humanity at the last second so that God did not die. I know this is the complete opposite of what we say in the Divine Liturgy: "His divinity parted not from His humanity for a single moment nor a twinkling of an eye." So how do we address this? Did God die? How can this be?

he death of the flesh means that His human soul separated from His human body while both His human soul and body were united with His divinity.

His human soul united with His divinity went to hades, opened the paradise, etc., while His human body united with His divinity remained in the tomb.

On the third day, His human soul united with His divinity returned to His human body united with His divinity, and thus, He rose from the dead.
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