Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Regarding a prophecy book I read, it claimed that the major prophets of the Old Testament, e.g., Isaiah and Ezekiel speak about the end of time and Muslim nations. I read them in context and they speak about things that are to happen shortly. Would you agree with me that the Books of Isaiah and Ezekiel are prophecies of the near future of their time or the future?

Most of the Old Testament is prophetic, meaning that the Scripture in the Old Testament was concealed, but later revealed in the New Testament. It is impossible to fully comprehend the Old Testament without the revelations discovered in the New Testament. Everything about our Lord Jesus Christ and His plan of salvation has been revealed from the time of His incarnation. However, there may still be prophecies about the end of times, which have not yet been revealed. Some prophecies seem to point to events already passed, while some point to current events, and others to the future. The Holy Book of Daniel is one of the Old Testament books, which contains a significant portion of prophecies about the end of times.  There is no need to be overly concerned with any of these prophecies because the most important goal of the prophecies is to direct us to our Lord Jesus Christ.
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