Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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What is the church's view on medicinal marijuana for certain diseases?

The church's view on a patient's medical care is to provide the best means as possible according to the established sound research and findings of the medical community. If the physicians and specialists treating the patient whom they deem as a candidate for medicinal marijuana unanimously recommend medicinal marijuana, then the church will not dispute this decision. Bear in mind that all medicine can be abused. Unfortunately, many people have also been addicted to other prescription medicine. Marijuana is one of those drugs that have been abused for many years because many have used it for recreational purposes. However, it seems that the medical community has recently converted this abuse to medical use. Thus, if medicinal marijuana is to be used only under the strict care of a physician as believed to be the best practices for the care of a patient suffering from a particular ailment, the patient may do so. Without any compromise, the church does not approve the recreational use of marijuana or the abuse of any prescription medicine under any circumstances.
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