Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Why did Jesus get baptized, and why specifically in the Jordan River? Does it have to do with the scrolls that Satan threw in the river?

Baptizo in Greek means to submerge, be immersed, buried, or washed. Christ's baptism fulfilled the righteousness of God. It was an Epiphany and the Theophany, i.e., the manifestation of the Holy Trinity. Thus, Christ was revealed to be the Prophet, Anointed One, High Priest, and the Messiah who would save the world. He  carried our sins in His baptism. Whereas our baptism is a union with Christ which cleanses us from the Original Sin. We die with Him and rise with Him. Baptism is the first Holy Sacrament on the path of salvation.  The Jordan River is the river that Joshua, the son of Nun, crossed with the people of Israel. For that generation, it was a symbol and prophecy of Christ's baptism. The name Joshua and Jesus are synonymous, "God is Savior." The Jordan River as the location for Christ's baptism has nothing to do with Satan or the scrolls.
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