Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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How as Christians can we explain the miracles that Buddhist monks perform and why are they different to the miracles that the Christian monks perform? Why is one religion true and not the other, when both are able to perform miracles?

Some people have the ability to do magic or perform illusions. This is not a divine gift from God. Miracles are not for show, but for a divine purpose, to lead one to repentance and the knowledge and closer relationship with God (Luke 10:17-22).

During the time of Moses the archprophet, there were many magicians and sorcerers who displayed illusions of miracles that mimicked what Moses was performing with God's guidance and permission. Moses' possessed this unique divine power that subdued even Pharaoh's most clever magicians because Moses' power came from God. Thus, even these evil magicians proclaimed, "This is the finger of God" (Exodus 8:19).

St. Youstina (Justine or Justina) could not be put under the spell of any of the magicians, though she herself was not performing miracles. St. Cyprian (Kebrianos) converted to Christianity by witnessing the magicians' impotence over a young girl with fervent faith in Christ.

Even the evil spirits whom some of the Jews attempted to exorcise by the name of Christ whom St. Paul preached, were attacked by those evil spirits for they recognized St. Paul and St. Peter, but they knew these Jews lacked power from God (Acts 19).  
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