Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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What should someone do if he has chronic 'seminal leakage’, which prevents a person from taking communion frequently?

The problem of chronic seminal leakage may be addressed with a few questions to which you do not need to answer in a reply email, but just consider. This problem may be exacerbated if it is a younger man that allows his mind to wander and does not have proper spiritual guidance and physical exercise to curtail these frequent surges. If it is a more mature person, but not yet married, perhaps he should consider marriage at this time. If it is a married man that is experiencing this problem frequently, but the thoughts that lead to these discharges are not focused on his spouse, he ought to confess about this and endeavor to be more engaged intimately with his wife. Nocturnal emission (aka wet dreams) is considered normal to a point, but there are ways to try to reduce these experiences. Certainly, with age, these emissions do decrease, but it is important to be aware of your thoughts throughout the day and to avoid exposure to media that would intensify this reflex.
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