Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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My question is about the rank of Khoury-Episkopos. Is this considered a Priest’s rank or a Bishops Rank? I am under the impression that the Khoury-Episkofos is a priest but with the rites of a bishop. Do they dress as priests or as bishops? What is their role in the Church.

KHOORI-EPISCOPOS is a Greek word meaning ‘bishop’ of ‘villages’ or ‘fields’. He helps the bishop or metropolitan of the diocese in the service and visitation of the villages. The rank of Khoori-episcopos (or the bishop or overseer) came to existence by the end of the third century AD in Asia Minor when the dioceses extended and their division was not preferred, so there existed an utmost need for the presence for the bishop to visit and care for them.

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