Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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If one was engaged in any kind of adulterous activity, like sex with his girlfriend, masturbation, watching pornography, and so on, but at last, needed to marry and have a new life in Christ, how will his/her marriage ceremony be in the church. Will a regular ceremony be allowed? If not, what should do according to the word of God and the teaching of our holy fathers in regard to having a having the marriage ceremony (that is the first marriage ceremony)? What if one of the spouses to be already has a child from a previous relationship, how can he/she marry with one who was not previously married?

In the same manner as we approach all the Holy Sacraments of the Church, we should honor the Holy Mystery of Confession, as it is just as significant as the others. Once you confess sincerely and wholeheartedly, you begin a new chapter in life. Thus, if a person sins through adultery, fornication, pornography, and masturbation, but repents and confesses, all these sins are wiped clean of the slate. If the sin at hand is not a chronic problem or an addiction, the priest will determine that the person is able to marry within the rites of the Church. If it is a serious problem, further counsel and decisions by the Church will need to be made accordingly.
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