Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I am a female in my 30s and live with my parents. I try my best to be respectful to them, but it is a struggle because to them, I am still a child and they treat me as such. I am frustrated and often feel disrespected for needing to ask permission for going anywhere. Moving out on my own is not an option as they made it clear that though we live in America, we still abide by the Egyptian traditions.

Your frustration is understandable. You are an adult, but feel you are treated as a child. Cultural sensitivity is at the heart of your situation. It is unacceptable to them that you move out of their home according to their cultural perception, which is the usual norm in Egypt, that unmarried adult children do not move out of their parents' home until they are married or under the demands of a unique employment/study opportunity. Therefore, trying to persuade them will probably cause more tension without reaching sensible results for everyone. Enlisting your confession father to speak with them a few times, about their rigid position regarding your situation may be more helpful. Perhaps, he can ease their fears and tension and help them to understand the spiritual benefit and social and spiritual advantages of participating in various church events. The more they are approached with respect, especially according to their realities by people whom they respect, the less likely they are to resist over time.
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