Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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My question is regarding the “Gift of prophecy,” not so much in the sense of clairvoyance or future telling, but rather, the “whistle blowing” and correcting the wrong.

I believe that God has given me that gift, as I have lost many friends as a result of it and I do not fear being shunned or side-lined as a result of it... but I believe that it should also come with responsibility to develop it and grow it in humility and in the spirit of love. Can you offer some advice as to how I can practice it, keep it under control, and use it for the glory of God and admonition of His church?  Any books or sermons perhaps that you can recommend?  Any information would be highly appreciated.

You need to disclose this matter and discuss it with your Father Confessor. He will be able to guide you best. The devil is very clever and can even use talents and gifts to cause people to stray. Sincere humility is the only way to conquer the evil one. Thus, submit to your Father Confessor with all humility and sincerity and obey his instructions and admonition. "Humility is the only thing that no devil can imitate" (John Climacus).
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