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There are so many Christian views on evolution. I am unsure what we believe. How old is the earth? Could God have used evolution like some denominations believe? Is Genesis to be understood literally, figuratively, or both?

There is no need for confusion. Our God is not the author of confusion. The account of creation in the Book of Genesis provides a synopsis of the key components of the day, or as some would say, that period of time. Genesis 1:1 only reveals a period of darkness and void, but does not provide detail. Thus, the universe existed in some form. There is no mention of when angels were created or if other creatures were created then, too.

Thus, Christian theorists and apologists are not concerned with these details, as it does not impede on doctrine. There is no absolute consensus based on the same texts. There could be various interpretations based on the same texts. The Bible is neither a science book nor a history book. The Holy Scripture provides the account of humanity's relationship with God and God's love and salvation to save His children.

Thus, the biblical story of creation reveals how God furnished the earth for the provision of mankind leading up to establishing the family unit. From day one to day six of the biblical account of creation, every creation had to do with mankind and the sustenance of humanity. God also stressed that all reproductive systems, plants, animals, birds, fish, and humans all brought forth of their own kind. Thus, He put the evolution theory to rest right from the start.

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