Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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What is so bad about dating? If I am not having sex and I am trying to find the right girl to marry after I get to know her and go out with her, what is the problem with that? Are there any restrictions in dating such as holding hands, kissing, etc.?

If you are at a mature age, spiritually grounded, financially secure, and eligible for marriage, the dating stage of becoming better acquainted with someone of interest for the genuine possibility of marriage is acceptable. Dating for the sake of dating is wrong. Dating without serious consideration of marriage is wrong. Holding hands is a sign of affection, but a date is merely someone who you are getting to know. Thus, holding hands is unacceptable, until you are engaged or with whom you have at least proposed. Kissing is unacceptable because it is a precursor for a more intimate relationship and further advances more sexual activity. The Holy Book of Proverbs is the perfect guide for righteous relationships.
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