Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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My son, who is 6 years old, asked if when humans die, their physical bodies remain on earth and their spirits go to heaven, where is God's body? How does He look like? Why has He never been seen?

Children differ in their intellectual abilities. This age is generally marked by an increase in logic and reason. Respond to his question sincerely. Provide as much information as he is able to comprehend. Explain to your son that the Lord's resurrection is very special. The Holy Bible teaches us that the Lord Jesus Christ rose in His glorified body and was later seen by many. He appeared in the upper room where His disciples were gathered. At the same time, His flesh was real and He allowed St. Thomas to touch Him in the places on His body where He was nailed to the cross and speared in His side. He ate with His disciples and taught them many things. Then, He ascended into heaven carried by angels and promised to return, and He always keeps His promises. The Lord's resurrection was different from Lazarus' resurrection because Lazarus lived for a while, then died again. In the Lord's Second Coming, everyone will rise and there will be no death. Jesus is God. The people in the time of His life on earth saw Him and He also appeared to many after His ascension. We continue to see Him in the icons in the church and we hear His voice when we read the Holy Bible. 
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