Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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How is it to be a Bishop? Do you travel all over the world or do you just live in a monastery?

To be a bishop you first have to be a monk. To become a bishop you have to be chosen by God; through His Holiness the Pope and the Holy Synod. A bishop could be responsible for a monastery where he will have to live most of the time; and just go out of the monastery on special occasions, visit other churches or fulfill duties outside his monastery. A bishop could also be responsible for a diocese. A diocese comprises a number of churches in a certain geographical area. The bishop in charge of a diocese, has his residential place usually close to one of the diocese churches. Among his responsibilities is visiting the diocese churches regularly to meet with the church congregation.  A bishop gets invited to other dioceses in other countries. Therefore, he gets to travel to wherever he is invited.
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