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My friend has a sexual addiction problem since he was eleven years old. He is now thirty two and has two kids. I want to help my friend. What is the true Christian counseling for sexual addiction as well as the social perspective of this disorder?

Your role as a Christian is to listen and advise him to read his Holy Bible and follow its teachings. My advice to you is not to let your friends’ problems overcome you. Our duty is to pray for them and submit the problem in the hands of the Lord. Only He in His great and knowing wisdom can take care of others. Whether it is sexual addiction or alcoholism or prostitution, the Holy Bible has the remedy or cure for all of these things. More than likely, and in the context of things, many problems in life have to do with impulse control. How do we control our impulses? By Living according to the Word of God. Your friend recognizes his problem, and receives treatment. You are not required to cure him. All you can do is listen to and pray for him. Have you tried inviting him to come to church with you? These are the things with which you can help your friend and which St. Paul calls “living works” in his book to the Ephesians. In jail, where he was while writing this book, St. Paul exhorted the people to continue their good works of evangelizing and actively participating in bringing people to Christ.  

"For we are His workmanship, created in Jesus Christ, for good works, which God has prepared beforehand that we should walk in them." (Ephesians 2:10)

Good works include encouraging your friend to read his Holy Bible, praying for your friend, believing that God knows about those problems. Only He knows the path before your friend, In His mercy God can divert the course of your friend’s path and make the journey a better one. Encourage your friend to pray for strength to handle the problems before him.

There are many books written by church authors that speak about Virtues (His Holiness Pope Shenouda has one), which he may find helpful. I encourage you to also provide him with books related to Orthodoxy. Often in the midst of ill fate, people need more than what the surface of things reveal. If he attends the Divine Liturgy with you, offer him readings and explanations before hand so he will get the most understanding from attending.

Any of the saints' books (St. Moses the Black, Gregory the Wonder Worker, St. Polycarp, and St. Verena) might be purposeful reading for your friend. The book, "The Miracle of Mukattam" is another book.

May God bless your works that they may become fruitful in His Holy Name.
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